The Undertaker for rin-chii

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Had some more miscommunications, sorry everyone.
It looks like Sinbad’s been shifted into a weekly series on UraSunday so we’ll be rearranging things so that we’re back to weekly releases.

And now some news for Magi.
If you happen to read the…


Kikyō || Volume 8 - Part 2


kuroshitsuji book of circus.

I have a ton of medicine i’d like to test on you.

//Survey Corps//Garrison//Military Police//

I’ll take requests for more!

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Kuroshitsuji: manga vs anime (5/8)

manga chapter 30 & 31, anime episode 07.

Always skillfully manipulate your chess pieces, and survive.

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Yes, my lord.

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happy birthday to the beautiful taurielsilvan

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↳ Levi in ACWNR Special Chapter

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Heichou accidentally modeling (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Accidental Levi modeling is my favorite


 For the dead, there is neither good nor evil.